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4 Safety Tips for Tourists Traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands

 Posted on March 16, 2020 in Personal Injury

St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John car accident attorney

Many people enjoy seeing and experiencing other cultures throughout their lifetime. Traveling to a foreign destination can be an exciting but potentially dangerous adventure. The idea of going to an unfamiliar place can draw out the wanderlust in all of us, but many do not realize the danger that you can easily place yourself in by traveling to somewhere you have never been before. The U.S. Virgin Islands is a popular vacation spot for Americans and it has been regarded as a fairly safe beach haven for travelers. However, regardless of the popularity of the place that you are visiting, there is always the potential for dangerous encounters that result in severe or life-threatening injuries.

Security Issues

The U.S. Virgin Islands are known for their remoteness and tranquility. Being away from the rest of the world can seem like a dream until you are thrown into an unsafe environment and do not know where to turn for help. Keeping in mind the following travel advice can help you avoid hazardous situations that you may encounter while abroad:

  1. Keep your eyes open for crimes: Many of the reported issues that vacationers experience on the islands are petty theft crimes. While this may not place you in physical danger, it can leave you with little money or no passport to get home. It is important to keep your belongings by your side, especially if you are spending the day at the beach. It is a good idea to utilize your hotel room safe and to keep a copy of your passport on you at all times. This can act as a form of identification without risking your ability to return to the states at the end of your vacation. If you actively try to fight to protect your belongings, you could sustain serious injuries from the conflict. It is imperative that you call the police so they can apprehend the offenders. 

  2. Female solo travelers should be extra cautious: Unfortunately, females must always take their safety more seriously than male travelers. Females are more at risk of sexual assault no matter where they are going. Being aware of your surroundings can help keep yourself safe, even if you are alone. Sit by another female on public transportation. If you embark on a solo excursion, leave a note in your hotel room stating where you are going so that employees are aware of where you are headed in the case of an emergency. Never reveal where you are staying to strangers, even if they have befriended you, as this is a common tactic for perpetrators. Hotels, restaurants, or bars have a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for its customers. This may include adequate lighting, locked gates, as well as security guards. This may include adequate lighting to avoid a slip and fall accident, as well as locked gates and security guards.

  3. Double-check your excursions: Crime is not the only thing that you should be wary of while traveling. The U.S. Virgin Islands offers a multitude of fun excursions for vacationers to enjoy, but you should always carefully review the safety precautions being taken. For aquatic activities, be sure to wear a life jacket at all times. Wear a helmet for any activities that pose a risk of head injury. In some cases, a recreational or tour company could be held liable for injuries you sustain during the tourist activity if the owner or operator acted negligently if the owner or operator acted negligently by not inspecting or fixing defective equipment or protective gear.

  4. Be vigilant on public transport: The U.S. Virgin Islands’ public transportation system has been recognized as fairly safe and reliable. Vacationers are not discouraged from using buses or ferries to get from one place to another; however, rental cars may be safer for those traveling alone. By having the option to hop in the car whenever you would like, rather than waiting on a bus or ferry schedule, you can more easily escape potentially dangerous situations. However, as with any mode of transportation, passengers have the potential to be hurt in a collision. These motor vehicle accidents can be caused by impaired or reckless drivers.    

Contact a St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John Personal Injury Attorney

While on vacation, you may suffer injuries or be the victim of a crime no matter how many safety precautions you take. Although the issue occurred outside of your home country, there is no reason why you should not take legal action to secure compensation for your losses. At the accomplished law firm of Colianni & Colianni, LLC, our skilled attorneys help defend anyone injured on the U.S. Virgin Islands, including tourists. With over 60 years of combined experience, our personal injury lawyers have helped numerous clients obtain the financial compensation that they deserve. If you have been injured while traveling or are a full-time resident of St. Thomas, St. John, or St. Croix, contact our diligent U.S. Virgin Islands tourist accident lawyers at 340-719-1766 to schedule a free consultation.




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